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Musings: Wishes Come True

Wishes Comes True with Friends Like You 

Today, February 10, is my birthday. And I wish to celebrate it with you.

I do believe the day of one’s birth is important. Besides being a day of reflection, celebration and acknowledgment, it’s a day that astrologists and numerologists use to tell a lot about someone. They say I am an Aquarian, someone supposedly a visionary of new thought. Though I’m 100 percent on that, I do see how I have, in the past, put forth visions that were created through teams and teamwork.And so today? My vision? My dream? My birthday wish?Direct from my heart, I would have to say my biggest wish is to see the manifestation of a 17-year-old vision, one of “stopping kids from killing kids.”As it has been 17 years since my son Tariq was tragically taken away through violence, my vision and wish remain the same: that his murder would not be in vain, that his loss would somehow create the path of recovery, forgiveness and redemption for a society needing a new way.

Much of my work since Tariq’s passing has been to accomplish this goal. The work that is being done by the Tariq Khamisa Foundation ( is to prevent kids from choosing a life of violence, gangs, guns, drugs and alcohol. Another of my programs – CANEI (Constant and Never Ending Improvement) – is an intervention program that helps youth offenders redeem themselves and become functioning and contributing members of society. While both these programs – with the grace of God – have done well, we continue to find it so challenging to procure enough financial resources to adequately fund them. In this brutal economy, we are being forced to downsize the programs and therefore curtail much of the work that could save children’s lives.

So today? Another birthday wish? To see TKF and CANEI funded easily, so that we can save and alter the lives of more and more children. (TKF does publish a donation website HERE for those able and willing to help). Please consider giving generously.

Many of my friends take their birthdays off, which I believe is important to do on that very special day. Since I have been known to work hard on my birthdays, I have decided to take this birthday off and spend it in Los Angeles with my cousin. He owns a spa, and promises that I will be quite pampered. Spending time with family is very important. Over the month, I will also be celebrating with close friends, as well as with my beautiful daughter and my three gorgeous grandkids. I love spending time with them as they bring so much joy to my life. On Valentine’s Day I will travel to London on a business trip, but will also see two of my best friends who will throw a birthday celebration for me.

This is so sweet, and it’s something I haven’t invited into my life for a very long time.

I do feel blessed in my life for all the wonderful people around me – family, friends, peers and co-workers. I love the work I do in this world and am blessed to have good health, peace and happiness. I pray on this day of my birth that the good Lord grants every one of you – my beloved seekers along the path of peace – a happy, healthy and a prosperous year. Please know you are in my heart, thoughts and prayers. And I’m grateful for the support you have given me, ANK Enterprises, and TKF over the years.

Last but not least, I want to hold gratitude for Tariq because it is in his honor that I am doing this work which is so meaningful and purposeful to me. Tariq put me on my spiritual path, which is a great gift.

Though I must say, when considering my birthday wishes I can’t help it. I do have a special wish – a wish that Tariq could come back and be with me. But, sadly, this is not possible. Though as a father who has lost a son, it is hard for me not to wish it.

So I am left with the wish for connection, purpose and hope… and the knowing my boy is with me as I do my work, write my letters and speak of forgiveness and peace. This will simply be enough on this, today, my birthday.

Many Blessings,

Azim N. Khamisa

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Azim Khamisa

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