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Musings: Tribute to Mothers

A Tribute to All Mothers and Motherhood 

May is the time to celebrate mothers. As I look back at my life, I see how important mothers are. I see how important mine is.

I grew up in Kenya in a loving family. My father was a busy person, and although he and I did have a good relationship where I learned a lot from him about business, most of who I am today I attribute to my mother. My strong spiritual life is because of her. For over 60 years now and still today she gets up at 3 a.m. every morning in order to travel to mosque preparing a space for worshipers to meditate.The Sufi’s (the non-fundamental sect of the Muslim faith) consider the hours from 4 – 5 a.m. the sacred time to meditate. My mum, even at 82, still does her meditation. I grew up with equal emphasis on my career and spiritual life. As I grew, we went to Mosque every evening and prayed.

When I was 20, my mother introduced me to one of her mentors who taught me how to meditate. I was so enamored by the results produced by a daily meditation practice I become a devout student of all types of meditation.

Over the years I have studied many of them and have created my own type. I will always be eternally grateful to my mother for her inspiring my meditation practice. When my son Tariq was alive I meditated one hour a day. Today my practice is two hours a day. I meditate 3 different times

  1. 30 minutes before I go to sleep
  2. An hour in the middle of the night typically from 4 and 5 a.m.
  3. 30 minutes when I start my day.

(NOTE: Learn more about a powerful meditation practice in two separate guided meditations: Forgiveness and Manifesting)

When Tariq died so tragically I could not sleep or eat as the biological systems went awry. However one thing I could do was meditate. I remember in those early days meditating 5 to 6 hours a day. As I look back at this profound gift that got me through the hardest times, I realize it all came from my mother. Not only did she take really good care of us as a mom, she stands as a great role model.

Another strong impression of my mother is the positive messages she fed her family on a regular basis. Several times as I was growing up, she would retell the story of a psychic who visited our home, telling her that later in life her son would do some “great work.” As I look at my life in the aftermath of Tariq’s tragic death, the so-called “great work” was birthed from this tragedy. Of course I had to make a decision to forgive rather than seek revenge, and I had to gather a team who could truly fulfill the work. And in retrospect, I don’t believe any of this could have transpired (the choice, the work, the vision) without my mother’s influence. With a frequent positive reminder of the ability of our souls to soar, she has provided me a special relationship I will cherish forever.

In another light, I was present for another mother’s process, the one Tariq’s mother’s went through after losing her son. Tariq had a very special relationship with his mother. Many of us can relate. I was certain Almas was going to have a complete breakdown when Tariq passed. She did not. She has weathered this tragedy with grace and dignity. She has supported me in the work of the Tariq Khamisa Foundation and continues to bring strength to my daughter and to me on the difficult anniversary dates.

And continuing the family thread, there is my daughter who herself is a mother of three beautiful children: Shahin, Khalil and Miya.They are simply the joy of my life.Tasreen has been an amazing, patient, loving and nurturing mother.To see her with her children is seeing the full expression of love and kindness. She continues to do a magnificent job in rearing her children. More so Tasreen has now become the mainstay of both sides of her family, both her mothers and mine. All of the relatives on both sides connect with Tasreen.

She is the glue that keeps them together. I am so very proud of her and feel so fortunate to be blessed with a daughter like her. Every father should experience the joy of a daughter like Tasreen.

All these amazing beings of light – the mothers. They have such a huge influence on how the children fare in their later years, perhaps more of an influence than the father. Mothers, in all species, share a nurturing that helps us grow to be compassionate people. So let us this month celebrate mothers – mothers all over the world that give so much of themselves to their children. Let us pray that mothers this month and every month are revered and acknowledged for the amazing amount of energy they expend to rear children and provide their offspring with all of their needs.

I know I would not be who I am without my mother. I know I would not be here. I salute her, Tariq’s mother Almas and my own daughter Tasreen.Three amazing mothers in my life! All of them making a huge difference for all the lives they touch.

Many Blessings,

Azim N. Khamisa

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Azim Khamisa

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