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Musings: Father Speaks

A Father Speaks of a Legacy Left Behind 

On the month where we honor our fathers, it comes to mind that I will not leave a legacy behind in the life of a son, nor will any of my relatives be able to carry on the name of Khamisa. While I have come to terms with this – as I do have a beautiful daughter, two very smart and handsome grandsons and a wonderful granddaughter – I know this fact was hard for my father to take. He passed in September 2008 (may the good Lord rest his soul in peace) – and before he passed, he would mention many times that his Khamisa legacy ceased with Tariq’s death.So the legacy will not be left through bloodlines, last names or birthrights. But a legacy will be left – through the forgiveness work and the Tariq Khamisa Foundation ( that will live on forever helping children make the right choices for their own peace and freedom.

On June 17, another Father’s Day will come and go, without my son. And yet, there is another focus as well. My beautiful daughter and her family. The millions reached in the work of TKF, named in honor of my son. The audience reading these words now.

And also the offering I bring to you.

On this Father’s Day, a gift to give another: the newly published book “From Murder to Forgiveness; a Father’s Journey.” Already having sold 30,000 copies in its previous incarnation in 1998, the original was an award-winning book, with some calling it a page-turner they could finish in one sitting.

Excerpt: “By working as a force for good in Tariq’s name, I want Tony to meet Tariq again. And this time, rather than meeting in a street of death and grief, I want them to bond: the soul of one departed and the soul of one still here, moving together in harmony and righteousness. When that happens, my journey from murder to forgiveness will be complete.”

Now it has resurfaced – updated by Balboa Press, a subsidiary of Hay House – with an added chapter on my meeting with the murderer of my son.

Excerpt: Once at the prison, the process of going through the very high fences with barbed wire on the top was scary for me. I don’t know how many gates we had to go through to finally get to a room where Ples and Tony were already seated. There were little coffee tables around, and others in the room were visiting with prisoners. As soon as I walked in, Ples raised his hand. I walked over to them and hugged Ples, as we always do, and then shook hands with Tony before we all sat down.

Written before I met Tony, the new version carries the full, heart-warming story of our gathering. From my fears of being face to face with him, to the reaching out to him in forgiveness.

Excerpt: [Tony] wrote a letter to me in August of 2006 where he said, “I guess the fact that I still struggle with these issues is a good sign that I’m at least doing some of the work to better myself.”

I am excited to make this book available to a wider audience, so that more can be inspired to make the choice of freedom and forgiveness, and not be trapped in resentment and heartache, no matter what has happened in their life. It also showcases the work TKF is doing in saving children’s lives and stopping youth violence. Available as hardcover, soft-cover and e-book, “Murder to Forgiveness” is back again. My request of you – dear friend – is to broadcast this gift to your database and circles. It is now broadly available on Amazon and at bookstores such as Barnes & Noble. It is also available at Balboa Press (HERE). And if you desire an autographed copy, you can purchase it from my website (HERE).The impact will continue with your help. More heavy hearts will be lightened. More heavy-laden minds will be at peace. More disenchanted souls will find hope again.

Many Blessings,

Azim N. Khamisa

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