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Blog: Transformation at an LA Wellness Conference

On October 9, I attended the “Trauma Informed Care and Organizational Wellness Conference” in Los Angeles.


A large conference of 450 people was attended by social workers – many that work for the Children’s Institute, which was established in 1906 and has some 30 programs for youth and children and other agencies in greater Los Angeles. The audience included many mental health workers, teachers, and administrators. The energy in the room was very palatable during and after my speech.

The keynote was focused on the importance of forgiveness in self-care. Many of these caregivers are overworked and stressed. My message was centered around the idea that “a broken heart is an open heart.” An open heart is able to deliver and receive empathy, love and compassion, and this makes forgiveness possible. I work hard to make sure my heart is open, and as a result I am able to cause healing in those who attend my talks and workshop. I also did a breakout on “The Secrets of the Bulletproof Spirit – How to Bounce Back from Life’s hardest Hits.” Here I discussed many aspects of grieving, giving up resentment, cultivating empathy, and how to forgive others and self.

If you live in resentment or guilt you are not able to be performing at your 100% level, as these are highly debilitating emotions. Forgiveness of others removes resentment, and forgiveness of self removes guilt from your psyche. I harbor no resentment or guilt and therefore am able to be out there a 100%. We need all to be out there a 100% of our potential so we can heal the world.


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