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Question of the Month: How do you manage doing so much travel?

How do you manage doing so much travel?


I have traveled all my life so I am a seasoned traveler. I always get on the time zone I am going to as soon as I get on the plane. I drink a ton of water. I meditate. I always have some reading material – a serious book and a light novel as I love to read. I try to arrive around dinner time at my destination so I can get a light meal and a good night’s rest. If I am traveling far, I add an extra day to rest and play tourist. I walk at airports in the terminals and eat lightly – only when I am hungry and not when the airline serves food. I try to keep a good attitude when planes are delayed or I have a screaming kid next to me. When I travel east I get in earlier the night before and wake up early the next day. When I travel west I do the opposite: stay up late and sleep in before I fly back. Lastly, with travel I find that often I get to meet interesting people, make new friends and learn something new! There is much to see in the world. Over the years I am happy to say that I have friends in many countries and cities, far and wide.

Azim Khamisa

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