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San Diego Downtown Lions Club – Defining a Civil Society

On May 17, I attended the Lions club event with approximately 40 people.

I made the point that “children killing children’ is not a MARK of a civil society. We are the most violent first-world nation and a very poor role model when it comes to violence for the rest of the world. What happens in America eventually happens in the world. While the good news is that while we are exporting out an immensely successful free-market, democratic, meritocratic economic model – the bad news is we are also exporting our violence.

It is important to be accountable for the amount of violence on our streets – which is what TKF is doing successfully. TKF has created a viable, affordable solution to substantially curb the malaise of youth violence. TKF needs more support from the members of the civic community so we can stop “children from killing children.”

This is what I focused on in the talk with the Lions Club, and I believe they truly received it.

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Azim Khamisa

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