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Question of the Month: Azim, Ples and Daughter Meet with Tony Hicks


You went to visit Tony. Who was there? How did it go? What can we expect for the future?

I visited Tony a couple of weekends ago at the Colony Men Prison in San Luis Obispo with Dianne McKay a long standing TKF volunteer and board member, and my daughter Tasreen who is also TKF’s Executive Director.

Tony looked good at 6’2” and was in good spirits. Tony has done a lot of work on himself and has aced his GED in prison. He is presently studying to become a Child Psychologist. He is an avid reader and has read the Torah, the Koran, the Bible, the Bhagavad Gita, Rumi, Shakespeare and other classic literature. He did an outstanding job writing the foreword to my last book “From Fulfillment to Peace” (Click HERE). He is an intelligent bright man with a good sense of humor.

Having spent 23 years in prison, he still shows excellent social skills. I am excited to share that he goes in front of the parole board in October 2018. We are confident that he will be granted parole as he has tremendous support from Tasreen and I, the folks at TKF and the community at large.
Tony is already contributing from prison. He gave a 2.5-hour video interview when he was 26 years old, which TKF uses in its school programs. He recently started a blog on TKF’s website. Many students are keenly curious about Tony, and as I shared in the musings, his testimony will be very effective in saving children who might otherwise have fallen through the cracks and end up involved in gangs, crime, alcohol, drugs and weapons.
Tony and I have been regularly corresponding via letters for the many years he has been in prison, so meeting him face to face was a little anticlimactic on some level, as I already know intimately his journey as he knows mine and TKF’s.
It felt natural to be in his company and energy. We hugged hello and goodbye, and both of us look very much forward to October when he will join us on the outside Very exciting! I’m in gratitude of the Universe for its grace and blessings to manifest this. Please send a prayer that Tony is granted his parole. He is preparing and working hard at it!
Godspeed Tony!

Azim Khamisa

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