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Question of the Month: Spring Has Sprung … A Leak? What To Do?


People are going through a lot of changes and transformation during this springtime of renewal. Renewal and forgiveness are related on some level. Do you have any ideas for people as they go through these changes?

Yes, spring is a time of renewal and new beginnings. It is gratifying to see so many beautiful flowers in bloom and a reminder that we are indeed witnessing a new dawn. I see this new dawn in what we recently experienced in the “March for Our Lives” discussed in my musings.
While it is important to externally go through spring-cleaning, it is also equally and more important to go through internal spring-cleaning. I find in my travels that many people are living in resentment and anger for the harm caused to them or living in guilt for the harm they have caused. At some level we have all done that, and everyone has a story. Living in resentment, anger and guilt are highly debilitating states of emotions that preclude us from living a peaceful, happier life.It keeps us from being able to express ourselves fully using the God-given potential with which we were gifted. With these gifts we can make our mark in the world and commit to leaving a better world for our children and grandchildren. In my experience it’s important we forgive the people who have harmed us and forgive ourselves. It is the critical first step in ridding ourselves of resentment, anger, guilt and other emotions that seriously compromise our ability to perform at our zenith.

That has been my experience as I have led many talks and workshops on the process of how to forgive those who harmed us and how to forgive ourselves for the harm we have caused. I am doing a workshop next week in Hawaii on April 16 and 17 (Registration link) on this very topic. Also please see my books on the topic (Books) and my TED Women talk, which has now been seen by over 850,000 people and highlights the importance of forgiveness (TED link).
So, spring is a great time to do both the external and internal cleansing. For it will then be the time to plant positive seeds in a fertile mind that is void of destructive emotions like resentment and guilt. If you are able to plant these positive seeds then watch as these seeds yield you a hundredfold harvest in the fall.

Azim Khamisa

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