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Question of the Month: How Do We Stay Cool in the Heat of an Argument?



When you recognize that your external environment is uncomfortably hot, you naturally seek shade, air conditioning, and ice water to cool yourself down. You might even limit your activity to resting in the heat of the day to avoid overexertion or heat exhaustion.

The same is true for cooling off your emotional self when exposed to the heat of others; turn on your emotional air conditioning unit with these simple steps:


  1. Recognize the heat is present – If someone is angry or hot-tempered around you, the first step is to become aware or your surroundings and the environment.
  2. Take a time out – find your proverbial “shady” spot or cool corner where you can flip on the emotional AC to cool yourself off.
  3. To balance out the lower vibrations of anger, jealousy, delusion etc., one must alter their frequency towards higher vibrations such as compassion, empathy, gratitude, forgiveness, and love. Add time to your regular meditation or walk away from the heated situation and create a cooling meditation moment with calm, focused breath and stillness.
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Azim Khamisa

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