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Question of the Month: Can you forgive in stages?


Yes absolutely, the steps outlined above do not need to be done in one day. It took me 9 months to forgive and start the Tariq Khamisa Foundation and another 3.5 years to grieve before the clouds finally parted. It took 5 years after the tragedy to finally reach out to Tony – he was 19 then and now he is 37. He is still in prison, but doing well and we have maintained regular contact since our first meeting.  He wrote the forward to my book from From Fulfillment to Peace mentioned earlier and did a great job. He finally goes in front of the parole board in November of this year and will join the Tariq Khamisa Foundation on his release.

So, I strongly recommend that you take your time and complete the steps in stages and do not rush. This is deep work and it will take time.  Also, to help you along your journey there is a free meditation download on “Forgiveness” which I would recommend as a daily practice to assist you on your journey.

There are also other resources in the 4 books I have authored as well as a plethora of other resources on forgiveness located on my website. Feel free to email me to attend one of my 2-day forgiveness workshops where I do a deep experiential dive into how to forgive those that have harmed you and also for more tips on how to forgive yourself.  Most all participants experience a breakthrough.


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