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Question of the Month: What can you do this month to help promote a healthier community?

The big news this season is that Tony now goes in front of the parole board on November 28th. Tasreen and I will be there advocating for his release.  Please say a prayer for Tony. Let me share with you a miracle – In June of 1996 – 18 months after the tragedy, the LA Times ran an article with the following comment:

 “Azim Khamisa, the slain youth’s father, was too distraught to attend the sentencing, but Deputy Dist. Atty.  Peter Deddeh read a statement from him saying that “his dearest, dearest wish would be for Tony to come out of his incarceration a changed man, a productive man, a young man that [he] could employ in his foundation.”
Indeed, that vision is now manifesting with the grace of the universe.
I think you can imagine the power of Tony on stage with his grandfather and me when he tells the students that when he was 11 he joined a gang and when he was 14 he killed my son.   He has spent the last umpteen years in prison and he wishes he could turn the clock back. Do you think the kids will listen to his voice?  Yes – because his intonations will be of a person that pulled the trigger and I know he genuinely wishes he could turn the clock back.
Tony Hicks has turned out to be a fine adult, articulate, extremely well read, wise, well-spoken and working towards a degree in social work.  He will be an awesome addition to the TKF team.  He brings another huge piece to TKF’s work on self-forgiveness and redemption. Just imagine what our world would look like if we can transform other young incarcerated souls like Tony.  In my heart of hearts, I know we have saved Tony, but more importantly, he will save tens of thousands of youth when he joins TKF.  That– my sisters and brothers– speaks LOUDLY to the power of forgiveness. 
The Khamisa family and the Tariq Khamisa Foundation support the release of Tony Hicks at his upcoming parole hearing on November 28th. WE NEED YOUR HELP!
If you believe in second chances you can support Tony Hicks’ release from prison by:
We cannot advocate for Tony’s release without you. Support Tony Hicks’ release from prison by:
  1. Spread the word
Share Tony’s story with your friends and family on social media.  Use the hashtags #DearParoleBoard #TKFbelievesin2ndchances #kidsneedTonyHicks
  1. Write a letter of support to the Parole Board
Tell them why you think Tony Hicks is suitable for parole, how Tony’s story has changed your life for the better, and how his story can positively impact others.
Support letter instructions:
  1. Include the date, your name, your address, your signature. Write to: Dear Parole Commissioners, or Dear Parole Board
  2. Describe briefly how you are involved with Tony, Tariq, or TKF
  3. Describe WHY you believe Tony should be granted parole
  4. The letter should be less than one page.
  5. Send letters to or mail to:
P.O. Box 26519
San Diego, CA, 92196
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