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Question of the Month: How Do I Increase My Compassion?

Here is a short exercise I use to increase empathy and compassion in my two-day forgiveness workshop – coming up in Hawaii in April. The precursor to compassion is empathy and after completing the exercise I encourage you to see how it connects and enhances your reservoir of empathy and compassion. For a deeper dive, I highly recommend attending the 2-day workshop in Hawaii – most all participants in this workshop experience a breakthrough.

Pick a person that has harmed you or someone you are working on forgiving. I am going to pick Tony, who took Tariq’s life. Then, complete the below questions replacing “Tony” with the person’s name you have chosen and answer the last three questions to your particular situation. See how you feel at the end of this short but poignant exercise.

1. Just like me, __ Tony __________ wants to be happy in his/her life.

2. Just like me, ____ Tony __________ is trying to avoid pain in his/her life.

3. Just like me, ___ Tony ___________ has been sad, lonely and hurt in his/her life.

4. Just like me, ___ Tony ___________ acted in ways because they were afraid or hurt.

5. Just like me,  ___ Tony ___________is learning about life.

6. Just like me,  ______________ is:

7. Just like me,  ______________ is:

8. Just like me,  ______________ is:

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