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Question of the Month: How Do I Get Better at This Dance?

The short answer, like anything in life, is that practice makes perfect. A good affirmation that has helped me is:
“My desires are fully known and honored by Divine Providence and I feel safe in the knowledge that whatever the outcome, the highest good flows easily and gracefully to me and through me.”
One must develop unwavering faith – which essentially is a conviction of things not seen. It is in the expression of trust and faith in the perfect wisdom of the divine. I saw this in my mother who lived fully in faith and always reminded me and my siblings that all that happens – happens for the best.
Not having expectations in events communicates that the energy you exude is a beautiful one of trust and faith rooted in spiritual fortitude. This then clears your consciousness to manifest real results that are in harmony with the quintessential spiritual laws that run the Universe.
It is the recognition to move away from ego to a higher realm where one is able to assess situations and interactions from a nonjudgmental, nonreactive viewpoint to one that is harmony with nature’s truest desires. This higher wisdom can create the perfect Garden of Eden in your lives this spring and forevermore.
Spring is a time to plant seeds for your desired summer and fall harvests, an act that is perfect practice for our spiritual growth. As you master the dance between desire and detachment, consider the lessons from mother nature:
  • Get clear on what you want to plant.
  • Commit time and space to your growth.
  • Nurture the seedlings along the way with water and light.
  • And — trust the process!
Just like we have learned from the season of spring around us, even the weeds on the hillsides can produce awe-inspiring super-blossoms of colors and beauty that no one was expecting. When we set goals based on our desires and artfully detach from the outcome, the present moment can blossom into perfection beyond our anticipation.

Azim Khamisa

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