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Question of the Month: How Do I BE the Change?

There are signs and opportunities for everyone to play major roles in the changes that will improve our society. The natural way to actualize Gandhi’s quote is to hone in on what it is that elicits your passionate action.  But what about the things that upset you? The injustices in the world, especially those that hit home (like gang violence in youth did for me),  have a way of showing us what we really care about as well.
Sit back for a moment and close your eyes. Consider all the things you love about your neighborhood, schools, county, state, or even country.  Is there something that defines that region of the world that you are passionate to protect? Are there areas that are being overlooked or neglected? Can more be done to make them better? Safer? Stronger?
It is in these areas that affect you, that are closest to you and your loved ones where you will have the most impact because we have to start small in our own hearts and homes and move outward, like ripples on the sea of change that cause waves in far off places.
In today’s global world, you can help by having a voice – by speaking up and out about the things that you are passionate about to help educate the world about these causes and help mobilize your friends and communities to awareness and action.  Alone, we are small, but together we are large; awaken into this prevailing era of change and feel the power of one.
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Azim Khamisa

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