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Question of the Month: What has Azim been up to so far in 2019?

It has been a very full year already with many memorable events. I am honored to have been featured in several international interviews and media coverage with two major articles in the Washington Post and Huffington Post.
Notably, I was featured in a news documentary published on Valentine’s Day – which marked the 1st anniversary of the Parkland FL tragedy, a brilliant Podcast by Mervyn Deganos on Restorative Justice and most recently a BBC interview that went to 75 million viewers around the world.
In addition, I have given many memorable talks as keynote including the talk at the National School Foundation Conference on 2/12 with the theme of Charting your Course for Success.
A remarkable keynote was held at the Compassion In the City Conference on 2/18 in Pomona. This event featured one of the most inclusive audiences that I have ever spoken to where public agencies, nonprofits organizations, and the interfaith community came together. Since my talk, I have participated in many more meetings with the Pomona leadership in exploring how the city can adopt a restorative practice approach in all of its services.
In April, I attended another unforgettable seminar at the Milan FCI federal prison close to Detroit for inmates that are participating in the Life Connection Program. This program offered in federal prisons is a spiritual program run under the auspices of the Chaplin and is showing amazing results. Jon Cooper, the Chaplin, the spiritual advisers, and the inmates were visibly moved by my testimony and sharing the tools of self-forgiveness (more about this program in a future newsletter).
In April, I again led a two day train-the-trainer forgiveness workshop at the IVAT Conference in Honolulu HI – while I have done this workshop for several years this last one with 45 participants was the largest workshop and most of the participants received a breakthrough and in the following presentation on my book The Secrets of the Bulletproof Spirit – how to bounce back from life’s hardest hits. I had a packed standing room only audience. Finally, I just returned from a successful visit and talk in Greenville, SC, at the Peace & Conflict Resolution Conference. This was a well-organized conference that also included the Greenville community leadership and interfaith community along with public officials.
I am blessed to continue spreading the message of forgiveness and peacebuilding. I would never have thought that the decision I made 24 years ago to forgive Tariq’s death would lead to so many amazing events in my life.
I am also looking forward to the 4-day IONS conference in July (See Below in Events Section) – The Possibility Accelerator – Creating our Future. I am honored to serve as the Vice Chair of this amazing organization and will also be presenting at this conference and recognizing some extraordinary youth leaders. Join us at this life-transforming experience.
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