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How Do We Lead By Example?

It is one thing to read about leadership qualities, techniques and innovative ideas in the realm of leadership. We are in the process of challenging what we think we know about leaders in the world, what is working and what needs to change. As much as we can theorize, share, debate, reflect, and even vote for the kinds of leaders we support in various positions around the globe, WE also need to LEAD by example.
To lead by example within our families, communities, work places and surrounding environments is playing a vital role in the necessary change we need to see in the world if it will truly evolve to a place of justice and equality for the human race as a whole. Politics and government hold a huge power in our world and although they “control” many aspects of our lives, we can lead by example right here at home, wherever home may be.
From being a present parent to being an inspiring teacher to being a dedicated worker to a company, we are all contributing to society through our relationships, contributions and actions on a daily basis. Consider applying your favorite leadership principles from the books you read (plenty to choose from above!) into your family role, your work approach and even the way you relate to your environment around you. All of the qualities I summarized from the experts above will likely serve you as a leader right where you are reading this today. Be the exemplary leader you wish to see in the world and we will all lead by example.

Azim Khamisa

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