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Question of the Month: How is the Safe School Model Helping Children and Society?

TKF results of the Safe School Program is comprised of the following components:
○ Assemblies:
■ 85% learned a lesson on being kind to others *
■ 73% learned how to resolve anger and conflict without fighting or violence. *
○ Facilitated Curriculum:
■ 94% learned how to take actions to prevent or resolve problems *
■ 87% learned how to be peacemakers *
■ 37% of students used something they learned in curriculum sessions or at school. Students reflected they were able to “calm down” and control anger, and incorporated forgiveness *
■ The majority of students were able to clearly identify when a response to a problem was restorative, and when it wasn’t, particularly when it involved aggressive physical action or apologizing *
■ Most students demonstrated a clear understanding of harm, as well as the taught skills and knowledge around calming down *
■ The majority of students were also able to clearly identify a current need and identify one action that makes a harmful situation right *
○ Mentored students:
■ TKF reduced misconduct levels (behavioral referrals and suspensions) by 67% and reduced truancy levels by 72%

Azim Khamisa

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