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Question of the Month: How Do You Give Thanks to Your Mom if She Has Passed?

How Do You Give Thanks to Your Mom If She Has Passed?
You never lose anyone that has passed. They are not gone forever they are at home. We will be together with them again when it is our time to go home. But while we are here we can miss them dearly. I am moved by an anonymous quote that says we experience the “constant presence of their absence.” At dinner when I am home by myself, I routinely will add Tariq’s or my mother’s photo or both photos and light a candle with flowers and incense and talk to them. I find that I am connected to them at the same frequency. While I cannot feel them physically, I can feel them spiritually. Often, I tell them what is going on in my life and the work of the Tariq Khamisa Foundation. They probably know that, but I tell them anyway.
I ask questions and then go into quiet meditative stillness, close my eyes and listen with my heart. They quickly and in clear prose respond to my questions and comments. Know that they love you dearly and are looking over you. My mama prayed for me and my family and I know she still does that from above. So I remain in deep gratitude of her — always!
So, if your mom has passed, try this ritual. You can also write a card or a letter and know for sure they will receive your gratitude and well wishes. Pray for them as prayers are spiritual currency and provide them with much serenity, solace, and peace.
So, in this month of gratitude look at some photos, writings and rekindle sweet memories of your time together and share those happy moments with friends and family. Be sure to add a photo of your Mom to the Thanksgiving Table with candles, flowers and a personal item of hers. Play her favorite music and celebrate her years with you. This will bring happiness and peace to you and her as well. To all the moms that have passed my sincere prayers that the good Lord rests your souls in eternal peace and serenity until we are reunited again.

Azim Khamisa

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