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Question of the Month: What is the Nantucket Project?

What is the Nantucket Project?
I was privileged and honored to be the opening keynote at the amazing 9th annual event called The Nantucket Project (TNP) founded by Tom Bresette and Kate Brosnan. An inspiring 4 days where 30+ of some of the most brilliant minds and thought leaders spoke of their wisdom to a packed audience of 500 people. The theme for this year’s event explored: curiosity, humility, love, forgiveness and the miraculous.
We were all treated with reverence and the hospitality was first class. The event was hosted at the beautiful White Elephant Resort in a picturesque, quaint, and darling Nantucket island. Some of the speakers were Tom Shadyac, David Brook, (Malcolm X and Dr. Betty Shabazz’s daughter) Ilyasah Shabazz, Simon Greer, (Nelson Mandela’s grandson) Ndaba Mandela, Megan Smith, Neil Phillips, Bryan Stevenson, Susan Rice, John Rice, and many others.
 The Founders of the TNP, Tom, and Kate are also actively building “neighborhoods” in the USA, which are currently present in 27 States. They define neighborhood as “people, organizations, and places you live nearby but they are much more.” Each neighborhood group is rooted in service, communication, care, gratitude, forgiveness, acceptance – in love. No one is perfect and no neighborhood is perfect.
“Neighborhood” means listening and supporting each other, the building block of a healthy community is the foundation of the respective neighborhood group. The world wants more gathering, more understanding, more personal connection away from the internet and devices and social media. In response to the social isolation crisis gripping the United States, TNP’s Neighborhood Initiative brings the focus back to everyday Americans who, through their community work and are rebuilding the nation from the ground up.
Please check out the website and maybe you will be inspired to start a group in your neighborhood. TNP has a very structured and organized way to guide the creation and operation of the Neighborhood Group with a clear goal to learn, heal and serve. This truly was a memorable event that will remain with me. If you are inspired you can attend the TNP 10th Annual Conference next year.

Azim Khamisa

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