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Question of the Month: How Do We Heal From This? What Can We Do to Be the Change?

It is imperative that we do more than just show up on the surface, for a short period of time at these protests and through social media posts. That is the first step and quite noteworthy as a moment of historical importance, but true reform happens in legislation, through education and the implementation of knowledge.
  • First, it is important to continue to be compassionate to the black American community, so checking in with them during this emotional and traumatic time is essential. Ask them how you can support and remain open to listening. Be prepared to confront your own emotions as you sit in the reality of our systematic and historical racism and privilege.
  • Read books (see some titles above), on Anti-racism: Me and White Supremacy by Layla Saad and How to Be An Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi are highly recommended by scholars.
  • Avoid sharing content which is traumatic –though the intentions to expose the inequality is coming from a good place, we have to start to focus on the positive and what we are doing to change the problems without further traumatizing this marginalized community.
  • Donate funds and support initiatives that support freedom, equality legislation, petitions in your local communities and states, and other useful platforms.
  • Put your money and pen where your mouth is — real change, especially after all these years, will only come from shifts in the laws we uphold.
  • Leave your ego out of the conversation the best you can to support the larger conversation that is taking place.
  • Continue to support after the protests and bold movements settle down, it should not take an act of brutality or another incident to keep the work moving forward for true change.
  • Support organizations that promote equality as you settle into what you believe and stand for. Do some research on major companies and organizations to know if their beliefs and spending are in the alignment of your values. As a consumer-based society, our spending habits also have a huge impact on our social situation.
  • Start a long term strategy — whether it is mentoring a young person, volunteering for an organization that supports the black community, or aligning your business with other businesses that can contribute to shared causes, now is the time to plan for the long-term period.
Change does not happen overnight, it is not easy, but everything we do from this pivotal point forward will impact the world in which our children and grandchildren live. As we navigate the pandemic, let us also look at the pandemic of our culture and society to create healthy, inclusive, compassionate, and giving communities. This opportunity is in our grasp post-pandemic and the elections.
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