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Question of the Month: How Do You Know if You Are Holding on to Negative Emotions?

How Do You Know if You are Holding on to Negative Emotions?
Surprisingly I get asked this a lot and people often uncover hidden emotions like anger, resentment, guilt, and shame through participating in my workshops and conferences. In fact, in my recent Master Series there were a few participants that were unaware that they were still negatively charged with some of these emotions and through experiencing the steps I teach to build spiritual resiliency they realized the old traumas and emotions were still holding them back from living their best life.
A few questions to ask yourself to find out where you might have emotional blocks that are preventing you from the life of peace, joy, and abundance that you deserve are included here. Of course, participating in an immersion training like the one I host will take you much deeper into your heart and psyche to acknowledge when you have been wronged or when you might have harmed someone else and still need to release the guilt that accompanies your past behaviors.
Perhaps as a meditation or journal exercise, center yourself and create space for you to explore your emotional reality without judgement. Set the intention to have a safe space for yourself to honestly observe how you feel when you ask yourself these questions. Pay attention to the images, emotions, and details that show up in your consciousness when you consider each one. Be patient and kind with yourself as you might wake up a sleeping dragon.
If you need extra help working through what you uncover, I also do personal coaching by appointment and will be offering another 4-day conference in the Fall that you can attend yourself. (Join my interest list here).
I even encourage you to ask yourself these questions after you utilize one of my meditations to connect to your Soulular Quotient — so that you can truly observe yourself and begin the healing process to offer forgiveness for everyone involved in your relationships.
  • When you meditate do unresolved issues show up?
  • Is there a specific trauma or tragedy that you have experienced that you have not fully recovered from?
  • Did someone specifically cause you harm in some way?
  • Does the person or party involved have “safe passage” through your mind?
  • Do you feel angry or resentful toward them?
  • Do you blame yourself for the event in any way?
  • Do you wish that you had done something differently?
  • Do you carry any shame around the way you reacted or behaved in this situation?
  • Have you ever caused harm to another person that has not been properly apologized for and discussed?
  • Do you feel “stuck” in life because of your past circumstances, choices, or traumas?
  • Do you dream of living a more peaceful and abundant life?
As you continue to ponder these questions, be honest with yourself so that you can breakthrough your emotional barriers, and operate at your zenith. We sometimes conceal these emotions out of necessity or survival mechanisms but will need to heal and transmute them eventually. Remember that the process of forgiveness takes time and compassion. Be kind to yourself!
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