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falling leaves

Question of the Month: How do You Surrender in the Face of Change?

The short answer is to live in unwavering faith. There is a divine order to the Universe. Consider the integrity of the stars and planets – although in constant orbit – they are exactly where they need to be at any given time and season. It is because of this we have been able to appreciate constellations over the ages.
The keyword here is surrender. When I lost my only son Tariq to a tragedy when he was only 20 years old in an act of random gang initiation violence, I had no tools to negotiate this devastating blow. As a practicing Sufi Muslim, my meditation practice has evolved to two hours a day and I fully surrendered to my higher power in faith. The good Lord carried me through this pain and insurmountable challenge (footsteps in the sand) and delivered me to a new, evolved life wherein I discovered my life’s purpose and my spiritual path.
Each year and season, I look forward to changing and evolving further on my spiritual path–an awesome journey!
Like the metaphor in my musing below, the trees surrender their leaves in an act of trust–that by doing so they will not only survive, but thrive and re-grow stronger and healthier in the spring because of their faith in the flow of the universe.
The universe is constantly nudging you by creating change in your life to help you do the same. Here lies a huge opportunity for you to surrender into the season. Remain in faith, as Rumi taught us: “Yesterday I was clever, so I thought I wanted to change the world, today I am wiser, so I am changing myself.”
Have a happy fall – my favorite season!


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