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How do You Discover Your Purpose?

Question of the Month: How Do You Discover Your Purpose?

The Universe is constantly nudging you towards your spiritual purpose. Some refer to it as a “calling” or a “passion,” but the unifying quality is that it enriches and enlivens your soul and comes from a place deep within you.
Sometimes the nudge is joyous and sometimes it is devastatingly tragic – as was my case. I did not know until I was able to see through Tariq’s tragedy, that there were victims on both sides of the gun. This led me to forgive Tariq’s killer and invite him and his family to join me in TKF’s work. TKF is now in its 25th year and the forgiveness movement has reached millions. I was not trained in social services and truly believe that this miracle in my life happened as a result of discovering my spiritual purpose. Today – I enjoy a level of peace and satisfaction I had never previously felt.
As you enter 2021 and reflect on your resolutions and plans, it is my sincere hope that you, too, will discover your spiritual purpose. Look at all the Universe’s nudges, the good–and especially the tough ones–that life sends to you in the form of signs or challenges.
Life challenges you to help you discover your unique gift or solution for the world in some small way. There is an indefinite number of ways you can discover and manifest your purpose. The one thing that I can say for sure, based on my many years of witnessing people’s trajectory, is that your purpose is going to be under the umbrella of serving others. COVID-19 has shined a bright light so we may serve others as we do ourselves or even better than ourselves.
What has been most well-lit in your corner of the world? What problem can you be a part of the solution to? What cause or community has stood out to you the most in need of support or transformation. As you witness what ignites your heart, you will likely discover your spiritual purpose which you were gifted at birth.
See below in my upcoming events if you would like to find out more about discovering your purpose through the release of old traumas and emotions.


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