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Question of Month: Who Can Benefit from Azim’s Forgiveness Workshop?

Who Can Benefit from Azim’s Forgiveness Workshop?
It is clear that almost everyone has someone or something in their past to forgive and we can always increase our spiritual resiliency. What is becoming more clear is that we need communities of like-minded people and we need to strengthen our relationships with our existing communities. For this reason, Azim’s virtual 4-day master series, Strengthen Your Spiritual Resiliency, is gaining popularity within group settings.
Are you part of a company that hosts leadership events and personal development programs? Are you affiliated with a social group or meet-up that is of service to others? Are you in a spiritual center or collaborative organization that needs a boost in connection and community? All of these types of groups are now able to have Azim’s virtual conference customized to the group, mission, and intention.
The 4-day master series is comprised of 4-hour days that can be held as an intensive for 4 consecutive days OR split over the course of two weeks, featuring two back-to-back days (i.e. Friday and Saturdays 1-5 PM).
This 16-hour workshop delivers breakthroughs for all participants and has been perfected over the last 20 years in person before being crafted into a well-organized online program that can take place anywhere around the world.
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