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Question of the Month: How Do I Build My Spiritual Resiliency?

How Do I Build My Spiritual Resiliency?
I am looking forward to meeting you in the upcoming course next month that teaches exactly this, through my 6-step process of forgiveness. I can promise a transformative breakthrough, as most participants have experienced in this course over the last couple of decades. I invite you to read their testimonials and to watch more of my videos on the topics we cover here. But I will tell you a quick secret that will help you enhance your spiritual resiliency today.
The biggest impediment to forgiveness is judgment. After being hurt or betrayed, people are often offended by the idea of forgiving the offender. Leave judgment to the higher power. Trust there is no escaping wrongdoing and karma always balances. It is for this reason that I teach in my forgiveness workshops, that if you release the offender to a higher power, you can heal your heart by no longer holding onto or drinking the poison of anger and resentment intended for the other person.
Einstein, as brainy as he was, warned about the limitations of intellect. “We should take care not to make the intellect our god; it has, of course, powerful muscles, but no personality.”
Intellect cannot lead—it can only serve—and I have learned to lead from my Soulular level—the level of the spirit which always makes the right decisions for you, the other person, and the universe. Divine spirit never makes a mistake and I have learned to trust it to always lead me in the right direction.
When you forgive, lead from the spirit. Your spirit is exceptionally good at forgiving. Trust in your spirit—peel away the layers of resistance, clear your mind of negative patterns of thinking, and forgiveness will rush in like the tide.
In my master class, we start and end the 4 days with the idea of working from a Soulular space—the cell-level of the soul. It is from that profoundly centered and spiritual place that you can free your heart from the pain of your past and make room for a more abundant and joyful life in your present.


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