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Monthly Musing: Strong in Spirit: a Soulular Discovery

Do you want to know my secret to spiritual resilience? It starts with the belief that you are born and equipped with strong intuitive capabilities and that the cell level of your soul is unbelievably resilient.
What I discovered on my journey through life is that you get challenges that your intellect will not be able to solve—even though you may have a double Ph.D. In life, you are going to get “hard hits” that your heart is not going to be able to heal. By the same token, there are no problems and let me underscore NO PROBLEMS you are going to be faced with during your life that your spirit can not solve or heal. Read this month’s musing on how to discover your spiritual strength.
I realized the profound truth that my spirit was inherently strong when I lost my only son, Tariq, a college student working as a part-time pizza-delivery person, to a senseless random murder in a gang initiation ritual at the hands of a 14-year-old. What saved me was not my education in Math and Finance (even though I attended some very good schools in England) but my Soulular Discovery of the strength already present in my spirit.
It was through a download from my higher power and inner soulular guidance that I was able to see that there were victims at both ends of the gun. I started to meditate at age 20 and lost Tariq in my early 40s. I grew up in the Sufi faith which teaches that your spiritual life and your material life are equally important. I was blessed to have this realization early and can see how it has served me well on my journey, but I am writing to tell you that discovering your own spiritual strength and developing soulular intuition is something you can do at any age and at any point in your own life.
The important takeaway here is that we are all Strong in Spirit – this discovery is the first step to then build upon your spiritual resiliency. This is what I teach in my 4-day course. Many people can feel defeated by life’s challenges and instead of transmuting the traumas that life undeniably offers, those who do not discover their own spiritual resilience can fall victim to depression and debilitating thoughts and emotions. It is imperative that you realize that your spirit and intuitive strengths exist underneath the self-limiting beliefs of shame, guilt, anger, and resentment. Beneath the surface, you are stronger than you can imagine and I have a proven method (that has helped MANY in my previous courses!) to uncover your strength so you can discover for yourself who you truly are.
This discovery (9 months after Tariq’s death) also led me to forgive my son’s killer and reach out to his grandfather and guardian. This extraordinary choice to forgive gave birth to the Tariq Khamisa Foundation, a nonprofit organization now in its 26th year, succeeding in making sure other young souls do not end up dead like my son or in prison for life. The discovery here is that this tragedy revealed my spiritual purpose. Who would have thought? Pretty awesome – do you agree? The good Lord does indeed work in mysterious ways.
Now, knowing that the spirit is mightier than the intellect (head) and emotion (heart)—I always lead from my spirit. It is strong, resilient, and more importantly, provides the right and timely guidance for the manifestation of the highest good for all involved and the Universe.
Soulular Discovery is the process of waking up to the fact that super resiliency resides in the spirit. But how do you know what it looks like and feels like? Discovering your soulular invincibility is a strength everyone is entitled to––you were born with it! It is your birthright! In this musing, my prayer is that you are able to recognize the aspects of your soulular strength and how to access this reservoir of wisdom love, and compassion.
First, understand that birthright is a powerful word, and it refers to something you are entitled to just because you exist. One of the most sacred gifts we are born with is our innate spiritual resiliency. Soulular discovery is rooted in the faith that being spiritually invincible is your birthright, and to be open to the process of realizing that you are more than your body and mind.
Secondly, you were born and remain spiritually invincible. You may not know about this birthright nor take advantage of the amazing benefits that are due to you; you must DISCOVER this part of your identity and claim it. Each morning and night, affirm to yourself, “Beneath and beyond all my layers, I am an invincible spirit.” Place a 3 by 5 card with this affirmation on your mirror to remind you of who and what you really are.
Thirdly, those who have discovered their soulular strength identify most strongly with their spirit more than their body, emotions, professions, possessions, relationships, intelligence, or finances.
Finally, spiritually evolved people are not “special people” but they fully recognize their connection with their spirit more than their material identity. In other words, they are not any different from you or me, they have simply awakened to their own soulular existence. This notion is brilliantly captured by Ralph Waldo Emerson, “What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”
In conclusion, there is nothing wrong with an intellectual mind or a loving heart. But when you combine head, heart, and spirit, your spiritual resiliency will go through the roof, and you will manifest amazing results! I admit I do not have a Ph.D. in psychology but teach this work through my personal journey and experience —as an applied expert. It has helped me manifest outcomes beyond my wildest dreams—it can for you too!
Peace, gratitude, and many blessings,
Azim Khamisa


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