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Question of the Month: How Do You Discover Your Soulular Nature and Your Spiritual Strength

I often get asked how I had the strength and faith to forgive what many people perceive to be an unforgivable offense. People have often said that they admire my choice to forgive my son’s killer but that they would not have been strong enough to do so themselves. The truth is, everyone is strong enough to deal with everything that life offers—as I have mused about above. But the challenge is that you have to discover, and sometimes re-discover your strength time and again through the soulular process.
So how do you do that? Here is how I do it:
If I have an important decision to make, I go to my head and ask, “Does this course of action make sense?” The brain is a good analytical faculty that can give you the pros and cons. If it makes sense, I go to my heart and ask, “Does this feel good, right, and just?” We all have a sense of what is just and right. If it does, I take the third step and ask the spirit in my meditation, “Is this course of action inspiring?” Will others follow my lead?
I give it to you, if you get a check in all three faculty systems—head, heart, and spirit—that will be an awesome course of action.
Why? Because the Universe does NOT make mistakes. It always makes decisions that are in the highest good for you, the other person(s), and the Universe. In the words of Albert Camus “In the midst of winter, I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer.”
I realize that this is a complex topic to understand in the scope of this month’s newsletter and Question of the Month. This is why I have been teaching and writing about this process of discovery for decades and have made it my life’s mission to awaken people to their own spiritual strength and to teach the process of Soulular Discovery.
I have mentioned over the past several months, that I now offer my workshop as a 4-day virtual masterclass—which we have appropriately renamed with the title of this musing to convey that it is this process that is mastered through the 3-steps of forgiving others and the 3-steps of forgiving yourself.
Forgiveness can feel overwhelming and some do not even realize they need to forgive themselves or others as a core component in their healing journey. But forgiveness is truly one of the most healing practices anyone can master to live a life of peace, joy, and abundance, on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.


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