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How Else Can You Improve Your Spiritual Hygiene?

In a time that is marked by historical division and unparalleled challenges worldwide, we have a great opportunity to be the change that is so much needed in the world. As many have suggested in response to current affairs, the best way to create change is from the inside out.
Whether you are working on a lifestyle change like nutrition or giving up a vice, all the way to improving social justice–the best way to truthfully improve the world is to start with yourself. Spiritual hygiene is something that will not only benefit you directly but will have a profound impact on your surrounding family, community, and society.
Beyond meditation, journaling, and creating a daily practice to explore gratitude and inspiration, you can try some of these other tips to practice spiritual hygiene.
1) Surround yourself with people who resonate with your goals in life. Find people and communities that encourage you to be your best, most healthy, and vibrant self. Allow those who no longer serve your spiritual journey to naturally fall away to make room for more meaningful connections. Practice compassion as you release these relationships and spend more time with the people who lift you up!
2) Become aware of what you “consume” not just physically for nourishment (though that does make an impact on your emotional well-being as much as your physical health)–but what you “consume” in all areas of life. From what you read to what you watch, to what you think and speak–every bit of input has an impact on your body, mind, and soul on a microscopic level. Even on social media, be aware of what you allow to enter into your field of being.
3) Practice good energy hygiene in the sense that there are many emotions floating around the world and around each of us all the time. Identify what emotions and thoughts belong to you and serve your purpose and release those that are projected toward you from others. Allow yourself to “observe, not absorb” these other energies. You can even practice cleansing rituals like salt baths, beach walks, breathwork, saging, and other practices to release energy and events that you pass through on any given day.


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