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Evolve Your Approach to Manifesting a Purpose-Filled, Life-Changing Year

Research shows that less than 8% of people fulfill their new year’s resolutions even though millions of us set goals for a better life as the new year begins. If you fall in the 8%, celebrate the wins! If like me, you do not—maybe a different approach might be worthy of consideration. They say that it takes 21 days to create a new habit and 90 days to create a new lifestyle, and the math continues exponentially to support your dreams coming true the longer you commit to the life you want to manifest.
I learned many years ago that setting goals to accomplish in the course of one year is usually a bad idea—life is full of ups and downs and it is important to have continued compassion for yourself even if you “slip” or “fail” at one of your resolutions. Thinking about small, or short-term goals only can lead to frustration, disappointment, and even quitting prematurely. To create a fulfilling life that provides satisfaction, health, peace, happiness, loving relationships, prosperity, and spiritual growth is a much longer process. We all want these attributes but trying to pack them ALL in a new year’s resolution is an impossible task.
Having said that, it makes more sense to be clear about the achievement of these worthwhile goals over several years and have a strategy in place to continue to work towards these goals over a longer period while staying fully committed to the journey.
I have mused about this in the past, but a good start is to write your life’s mission statement. I did this many moons ago after reading Stephen Covey’s masterpiece “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.” It is a great read and even if you have read it, it is a good book to reread as he provides clear instructions on how to develop a life “mission statement.” I have previously published my personal mission statement which is archived in a newsletter here which you are welcome to use as a template. One suggestion he makes, if you are not sure about your life’s mission, is to write your own eulogy.
In other words, ask yourself “how do I want to be remembered?” If writing your ideal eulogy seems difficult at first, then write all that you want to achieve in your life (based on the length of your list) and assume you have fewer years to live which will prioritize the important aspects of what you want to achieve. Eventually, the most important, purposeful aspects of your life’s mission will reveal themselves. Then, try to create bite-size, micro-goals that are specific and achievable understanding this effort is a marathon and not a sprint.
Regularly track your results and learn from your mistakes. My favorite practice is to journal clearly about the successes and challenges on a regular basis. Celebrate your successes and tweak your strategies understanding that each mistake is a steppingstone. I always see failure as a success of how NOT to tackle a challenge. Edison and his team, from 1878 to 1880 tried 3,000 times to invent the incandescent lamp, but each time they failed brought them closer to their eventual success. Instead of giving up the moment you fall into old patterns and habits, acknowledge the shift from your goals and start again the next day. Our collective notion of “resolutions” belonging to the first of the year and being so cut-and-dry is what makes them so difficult to achieve. But when you see the BIG picture and move toward it with small steps, you will get there.
Partner with a buddy–it is hard to achieve results by yourself without accountability and encouragement. Choose someone close to you and someone you trust. Working on similar goals motivates both of you and keeps you accountable. Do not be shy to ask for help. Asking for help is strong, not weak. Look to and emulate mentors in your life–this has been a hugely successful resource in my life. To meet some of my mentors read my book: Leadership for the Greater Good – A Guide for Truth to Power Champions.
One strong impediment to success is getting in your own way. When you are preoccupied with unresolved issues in your life it is difficult to put your full attention, energy, and effort into accomplishing these important goals. Be kind to yourself and practice patience and forgiveness. In my workshops, teaching forgiveness for more than two decades, I have experienced that many participants are often mired in anger, resentment, sometimes hatred for the harm caused to them, or in guilt for the harm they have caused. Everyone has been inflicted with harm and many have harmed others as well. These are highly debilitating emotions that preclude you from functioning at your zenith—as that is often what is required to manifest these important attributes in your life. Forgiving others frees you from anger, resentment, and hatred—and forgiving yourself frees you from guilt.
Once free, it is amazing what you can manifest–-I have manifested so much in my life by consistently forgiving others and myself so that I can be present and fully engaged. Join me in the upcoming workshop next month where I teach 3 milestone steps of how you forgive others and 3 milestone steps of how you forgive yourself based on my own journey which many of you are familiar with.
Although I did not understand this at the beginning of my journey, now, I can unequivocally state that much of the success in my life has manifested because I do not harbor anger, resentment, or guilt.
My entire being and all my strength can focus on the task at hand. These strengths include:
1. Mental acuity—giving me fortitude and pragmatism to overcome difficulties with diligence, patience, and persistence.
2. Emotional stamina—keeping me calm, relaxed, and clear during turbulent times knowing there is always an answer that blesses and benefits everyone.
3. Strong willpower—which helps me respect my limits but awakens the will to give it my all!
Finally, slow down and meditate. It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and excitement of a new year and lose sight of why you set resolutions and life goals in the first place. People who stick to their resolutions tend to be good at slowing down the pace of life, which builds discipline and allows for greater mental clarity. Meditation is a great tool for slowing down the mind and bringing your focus to just one thing, such as the resolution you’re striving to achieve.
Take a few deep breaths and make a point to clear your mind and think about your resolution or life’s mission each day. I meditate two hours a day and faithfully rely on my inner guidance to manifest these important attributes. Here is my recorded Meditation link to Manifesting your life’s mission. Remember from the Quote of the Month above, that it is singleness of purpose that builds accomplishments.
Continue reading the Question of the Month below to discover the “secret sauce” to turbo-charge a meaningful life of happiness, fulfillment, and peace! My sincere prayers for the manifestation of all your worthy altruistic endeavors for you, your loved ones, and our world in 2022—and beyond.
Peace, gratitude, and many blessings,
Azim Khamisa
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