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How is Forgiveness an Act of Self-Love and Self-Care?

Forgiveness is highly misunderstood. Forgiving someone for the harm that they have caused does NOT condone the behavior; it is an act of self-care in that it frees YOU from the anger, blame, and resentment that you are carrying because of someone else’s actions. It frees your mind and heart to feel and experience immense amounts of joy, peace, love, and abundance. The act of forgiveness is not so much for the other person at all–it is for your own benefit, your own inner peace, and mental freedom.
This is even more true for self-forgiveness. which is often more challenging than forgiving someone else. Forgiving others helps in forgiving yourself, it is essentially the flip side of the same coin. We carry around a tremendous amount of shame, guilt, and self-resentment–even self-limiting and self-harming inner dialogue based on things we have done in our past. Why would you choose to stay in a prison of your own creation, constantly and incessantly punished for something you have likely already learned not to do again?
Whether you are forgiving another person or forgiving yourself, ultimately you are giving yourself a GIFT of precious mental and emotional real estate. If you were able to let go of all those debilitating emotions and thoughts, what else would be able to reside there?
Give yourself the gift of forgiveness this year. Let go of the past so you can fully live in the present moment and manifest the future of your dreams.
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