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Question of the Month: How Do You Learn to Open Your Heart for Forgiveness?

Judging requires a closed heart while forgiveness requires an open heart. Anger, resentment, and guilt reside in a closed heart. Joy, love, and peace live in an open heart. We get to make the choice. I work hard at always living with an open heart–as one of the participants, Libby, in my last online masterclass reminded the group, “HARD work is HEART work.”
The very same applies to us. We, sensitive people, are tougher on ourselves than others. Often the participants in my workshops have a harder time forgiving themselves than the ones that have caused harm to them. Forgiving others does inspire and manifest self-forgiveness. It is essentially the flip side of the same coin.
Here again, do not judge your mortal self. It is in this life to learn from mistakes and purify one’s soul. Know that your true self is pure and can guide you to purify your mortal self–it is that little voice talking to you all the time. It loves you and does not judge–it sees your pure true self and continues to nudge you towards the joy and happiness we all crave.
So how do you get there?
For me, it is through mindful breathing.
So, close your eyes and take slow deep rhythmic breaths. It is springtime, begin to visualize the beautiful flowers that abound in captivating colors and bring your attention and awareness to that tranquil place in your heart’s center and connect with your true self. In this space, Time has no beginning and no end. Know that in this space, united with the Spirit, all is truly well.


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