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Question of the Month: What is a Soulular Discovery Masterclass?

What is a Soulular Discovery Masterclass?
After teaching workshops for over two decades, it has become clear to me that the work we do together is “Soulular” — changing the cell level of the soul. Spiritual resiliency is hard to explain, as are the benefits of forgiveness. So, instead of mislabeling the masterclass as a “forgiveness workshop” it became clear to me in a meditation to get to the heart of the experience by bringing my coined term “Soulular” to the forefront of the conversation along with our shared goal to discover our spiritual strength.
I cannot stress enough that there are problems that your intellectual self cannot solve, and problems that your emotional self cannot solve, but there are NO problems that your spirit cannot solve. This is why becoming “Strong in Spirit” is such a valuable life skill.
I truly believe that the spirit can solve all problems, but like the musing above, many of us get stuck in earlier stages of spiritual development and are often left on our own, and to our own egoic devices to make sense of the world. I coach clients that it is important to move beyond the thinking mind, past the emotions, and into the soul in order to solve your hardest problems.
Many of you know my story and my path of forgiving my son’s killer. Becoming a forgiveness teacher has taught me that the one act of forgiving bypasses many of the obstacles in the way of spiritual connection and is a shortcut to spiritual resiliency. It is not a surprise that other well-known teachers like Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, and even the master text, A Course in Miracles all advocate that forgiveness is the fastest way to heal the body, mind, and spirit.
My 3 step process to forgive others happens to touch on many spiritual teachings and therefore inspires people to walk the Path of Truth, pace by pace, moving people from a victim mentality (ego) toward surrender and contentment.
We move from forgiving others to self-forgiveness which is much harder work and shines more light on the path toward oneness, elevating people from a place of isolation and perceived aloneness to a place of inherent connection and unity. This is achieved through a belief in a higher power and a commitment to be of service to others while sharing your purpose.
Though both my masterclass process and the Path of Truth outlined above are non-linear and need to be revisited throughout life, the benefit of knowing the steps and seeing the path is invaluable. The workbook that accompanies my masterclass is a vital tool in this process, as the 6 steps are overtly outlined and easily repeatable for any future hindrances you may be challenged with.
If you are seeking contentment in your life, looking for your purpose, healing from a traumatic event, or looking to elevate your conscious connection to others and spirit, I highly encourage you to join me for this expansive virtual masterclass.


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