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Question of the Month: What Did my Authentic 2022 Involve?

I typically muse about my year in review for the final newsletter of each calendar year. Having been inspired to direct you toward living a more authentic life and choosing presence over routine when the former limits you from being most authentic, I decided to highlight some of the lesser-known events that make up the year for me. I keep myself busy as well as my brothers and sisters here in the US, but I consistently choose to spend my time doing more of what my soul needs to do and less of what I was told by others that I need to do.
Yes, I continue to serve on boards, attend and host conferences, guest appear in podcasts and interviews, and work diligently on the success of TKF as I have been doing for many years. However, in the spirit of the musing above, I want to share some of the things that bring immense joy and purpose to my life.
First of all, I put my meditation and health practices at the top of my list. I continue to meditate multiple times a day and swear by this practice as the bearer of all my benefits and miracles. I continue to walk every day and utilize this not only as a health commitment to myself but as a time to reflect and be with myself and my thoughts authentically and with a heightened presence. (You cant access my mediations here!)
I spend as much time as I can with my family and my friends. Not only during the holidays, but as often as I can, I like to visit with my daughter and grandchildren, see my friends, and connect with the people I care about.
I haven’t watched TV for decades, but I love to read and make it a point to read one book every couple of months. Prior to the pandemic, when I traveled 50% of the time, I always read from takeoff to touchdown. While travel during covid disappeared, what I miss the most about my travels is reading! There is much wisdom contained in books. The inscription over the door of the Library at Thebes reads, ”Medicine for the soul.” Think about how a book has changed the forward motion of your life.
As for living authentically in my work life throughout 2022, I continue to serve society with my mission (based on my legacy statement/self-eulogy reference above) to teach peace through forgiveness.
I have a long goal to reach 4% of the world population which is the tipping point (according to Artificial Intelligence). Based on the world population of 8 billion people, that means the goal is to reach 320 million. Very achievable because of the power of the internet and social media with my message that peace is possible through forgiveness. This keeps me humbly committed to delivering my message to various communities.
Of course, speaking on large stages as a keynote speaker is in my wheelhouse and offers me a larger platform to reach the masses, but sometimes, the small, intimate settings are the ones that my soul enjoys the most.
Most notably, the work I have been doing this year in the prisons with the reform programs makes me feel alive, authentic, and purposeful. I mused about this experience and how meaningful it was to me here, in case you missed it.
I have been working closely with a team of volunteers to reach our collective goal of world peace through teaching forgiveness and that has taken a few different forms including my online masterclass and soon-to-be evergreen course so that many of you can join in our efforts to be advocates in a world that desperately needs more love and peace.
Achieving 4% of the world’s population can be the tipping point for world peace – that is exciting to me and for all who dream about world peace! History tells us Pax Romana, Latin for Roman Peace, that the world was at peace for 200 years. Can we collectively achieve that again? I think enough people living in forgiveness and advocating for forgiveness can get us there. So spread the message!


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