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Question of the Month: How Can Soulular Discovery Help You Manifest Your Desires and Teach You to Dance with Detachment?

How Can Soulular Discovery Help You Manifest Your Desires and Teach You to Dance with Detachment?
This lesson was so profound in my life and inspired me on such a deep level that I wrote about it in my book, The Secrets of the Bulletproof Spirit: how to Bounce Back from Life’s Hardest Hits. This book gained such popularity that it became the backbone of many of the talks and workshops that I have led over the past few decades, ultimately becoming the cornerstone of my own virtual masterclass, Strong in Spirit: A Soulular Discovery Course.
When I was naming my masterclass I wanted to connote that everyone is already strong in their spirit by default and that the discovery process I guide my participants through is a way to reconnect to that strength that already exists within you. Our work is “Soulular” because it takes place at the cell level of the soul rather than simply in the cognitive mind or on the physical plane.
In my musing above, I broke down the beginning of this concept of the Dance between desire and detachment because so many people limit themselves and unnecessarily suffer because they want to control the outcome of their lives. In my 4-day virtual master course, which begins on March 24th and runs for two Fridays and Saturdays in a row, we elaborate on not only this process, but several other key lessons that inspire people to live in the present and manifest their purpose in life.
Discovering your Soulular nature and releasing your past inherently sets you up to live a more loving life in the present. As you release any chains that anchor you to past traumas and versions of yourself, you set yourself free to live at your full potential.
If you have struggled with your past or feel anxious about your future, I cordially invite you to take my March masterclass, so that you can spend 4 days online with me and like-minded individuals that are ready to take action on their desire of living a fulfilling life, centered in the present, and inspired by the strength of their spirit.
We start on March 24th and have spread the masterclass out over two weekends so that it is manageable for your work week and your personal calendar. I assure you it will be well worth your time and will assist you profoundly. See below for more details. Use code “limitlesslove” for 1/2 this week.


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