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Question of the Month: How Does Meditating More Often Actually Save You Time?

As mused above, I was shocked and inspired to look further into meditation when told that adding meditation — though it takes time to practice — would allow me to save time in work. How could that be? I can tell you now from years of experience that it is true and the magical time exchange is due to a few factors.
When we continue to pile things into our day and life without a practice like meditation (or from the musing, journaling is also a form of self-reflection that can take time to buy you time) our mind can be overwhelmed. Many studies have definitively proven that the idea of “multi-tasking” and the productivity associated with this so-called art is less desirable than we originally thought. What happens is that we spread ourselves too thin and give less poignant attention to each task along the way.
As we meditate regularly, the overwhelming advantage is that we essentially become more clear-minded and decisive because we spend time sorting through the miscellaneous parts and pieces of our lives while in meditation. This clears up the important real state of our minds so that when we are focused on work or a project, we are less distracted by the noise of the day.
With prolonged meditation practice, not only do you become more centered on the important matters in your life, but you increase your awareness of the way you work, think, and relate to the world. The more poised you are as a person translates to more efficiency all around. For example, I can work through anything that challenges my life while in meditation, and sort through the various emotions, pathways forward, and various aspects of the situation.
The longer I sit in meditation, the more these miscellaneous thoughts fall away from my mind, no longer preoccupying my path forward. As a result, I become very clear and confident about how to proceed for the best outcome for me, the other person, and the situation at large.
I stress the fact that we will all receive challenges and hits in life — it is part of our human contract to learn and grow through life’s myriad of lessons. I also emphasize that your spirit can resolve anything and everything that comes your way, even when your intellect cannot. Meditation is the most efficient way to connect with the spirit. The process of sitting with yourself allows you to witness your emotional and intellectual selves waiver until your spiritual self, which is aligned with your higher wisdom and intuition, finally offers you the best insights.
I believe we are innately “Strong in Spirit” but we can lose connection with our higher selves and need to re-discover our Soulular nature. This is why I created a program for everyone to invest in their spiritual resiliency.
We want to create an impact in life, not just outcomes. This requires discernment on what is important in our lives and our mission and not being preoccupied with busy work or our B list. With meditation, this discernment is effortlessly presented — plus your spirit amplifies your efforts to manifest sustaining impact.


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