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Question of the Month: How Have I Been Changing and Growing as a Social Activist?

One of the secrets of having a long, happy, and fulfilling life (as I have mused about many times before) is to be of service. I am elated at the continued success of TKF and am eager to see it adopted by more schools and states in the future. Considering the amount of pain we are currently witnessing in the world, the increase in gun violence (related to our children specifically), and the “coming of age” energy we have experienced as a global community in these past three years of radical environmental, social, and political unrest — there is always more important work to do!
Many people feel helpless when it comes to how to change the world into one that is more loving, more peaceful, and more harmonious. It has become part of my personal mission to help spread the message that “Peace through Forgiveness” is one way to be a catalyst for that positive change. TKF continues to gain the awareness it needs to attract funding that will allow more schools to experience our Safe School Model — hopefully nationwide with enough support and donations! As you know, starting with our youth reduces adolescent and teen violence, which in turn reduces the number of adults that are running around with so much pain and anger that they inflict harm upon others. So, starting with the kids does ripple into helping adults.
But I have been moved and inspired to reach more adults directly who have never been taught the importance of forgiveness for themselves and others. The people who are the most burdened with pain and injustice from their own childhoods and lives are the ones who need to be offered mental health practices so they can change their behavior before they act violently.
How am I reaching adults with a message that I believe will curb harmful behavior? I am creating a movement within my community of colleagues, contacts, and Soulular companions to be a united voice — “walking the walk” and “talking the talk” of “Peace through Forgiveness.” The journey for some starts at one of my presentations, for others it is in the pages of one of my books, and for many, it is through the direct work and steps that I teach in my Strong in Spirit – Soulular Discovery Course.
Working directly with people searching for skills they can have to help keep pain and suffering at bay — those who want to learn more about how to meditate, release resentment, heal trauma, and otherwise thrive in life has become a new passion and focus for me.
Taking my in-person workshops to the online community has allowed groups to come together around the world to learn that the blindspot in their lives — the thing that has been holding them back from taking the leap — is directly connected to unforgiveness.
Spending the past 3 years due to Covid not traveling has allowed me to grow in ways that inspire the next chapter of my life. How to communicate on a larger scale that there are successful and succinct steps everyone can take to release their past to be fully present and performing at their zenith.
I have assembled a team of volunteers and interns from all around the world to help me create a way to deliver my message to anyone who is looking for support in taking the quantum leap into their best life. I am so excited to share the developments as they unravel — so, thank you for being a monthly subscriber and for staying connected with me on all social media channels.
Please share these programs with your community as well! Together, our voices will be heard and together social change is possible. I do believe that peace is possible. I have witnessed the miracle first-hand, in my work in prisons, that many criminals reform their behavior for the greater good and become engaged in this larger mission.
Now that I have some great momentum building at the core of my mission, I am ready to resume my speaking tour to connect directly with organizations and groups around the world who also want to be part of this larger movement of peacemakers, creating peace in our own hearts and lives first. Please reply to this email if you have connections in your larger community organizations and think this work will benefit your network.
Coming back to Einstein’s quote above, “If you can’t explain it to a six-year-old, then you don’t understand it yourself.”
Once we learn the steps and do the work ourselves, we teach others the way of peace, and then we ourselves will have a grand understanding and insight into living a prosperous and joy-filled life. It all starts with fully embracing that Peace through Forgiveness is the way forward for a better society. Thank you for doing your part.


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