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Question of the Month: What Other Panels Will Azim Be Involved With at PoWR?

What Other Panels Will Azim Be Involved With at PoWR?

Panel 1: Beyond the Box – When Religion Limits, How to Live God-Given Potential Through Mystical Experience? Thursday, August 17th, from 3 – 4:30 PM (CDT)
Description: The intention of this diverse panel of interfaith leaders is to shine a light of consciousness around the question, “What happens when our religious beliefs, the very ones that gave us freedom, become oppressive and limiting?” And, “How can we take the box of our religion, and shift it to being a stepping-stone of our spiritual unfoldment and mystical experience?”
Religion is important to teach morals, values, and rituals, but in today’s world, it can become the very thing that keeps us from becoming all we can be. Learn to use the box and stand on top of it – to go into the more mystical understanding of our faith – to fulfill our potential.
Each panelist has had their own experience of going “beyond.” The Panel will share, then there will be opportunities for personal reflection and a larger group discussion. They will also examine how to use the deepest emotional suffering/pain to enter the depth of our being, which can open doorways to the enormity of our Being.
  • Aliza Bloom Robinson is an ordained Unity Minster
  • Jan Chase is an ordained Unity Minster
  • Azim Khamisa will speak from the Sufism Tradition
  • Bill Hermann will speak from the Judaism perspective
  • Ruth Broyde Sharone will also speak from the Judaism perspective
Panel 2: A Multi-Faith Perspective on Caodai’s Tools for Self-Realization. Tuesday 8/15, from 5-6:30 PM (CDT)
Description: The CaoDai’s tool for Self-Realization, the Triple Fold Path, Service, Self-Cultivation, and Inner-Self/Meditation will be presented in detail by CaoDai’s teachings and discussed by a panel of leaders from Unity Church, Judaism, and Sufism.
This concurrent exoteric and esoteric approach helps to progress us toward enlightenment and is achievable by All, faith and non-faith based.
  • Hong Dang Bui: Led a simultaneously transforming Medical and Spiritual journey, with her husband Hum Dac Bui, MD, and shared with him the authorship of CaoDai Online and books (
  • Rev. Jan Chase: Minister of Unity Church of Pomona, well known for her relentless activities In compassionate works, including Compassionate Pomona and Compassionate California.
  • Ruth Broyde Sharone: Speaker, author, filmmaker, and creator of the inspiring “Interfaith, the Musical.”
  • Azim Khamisa – Speaking from the Sufism tradition as a multi-cultural author and forgiveness expert.
As the Vice Chair of the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS), I am intimately seeing the convergence of science and spirituality — a positive evolution and I strongly believe PoWR will play a powerful role in furthering this progression.


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