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Beyond writing books and giving presentations, Azim loves to stay committed to his work as a writer. Every month he publishes a newsletter in which he follows his “Musings” and answers a Question of the Month.  The topics range from his expertise in peacebuilding and forgiveness to seasonal topics such as New Year’s mission statements to the rebirth of spring, leadership near elections, gratitude in the fall and more. Here you can find the archive of his newsletters for your reading enjoyment.

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Musings: Blessings Upon Blessings!

By Azim Khamisa / January 1, 2018 /

During the holidays, I spent a delightful and heartwarming time visiting good friends in the southwest of Ireland. Perfect and beautiful rolling-green, postcard-quality landscapes and azure ocean views. Delicious food, scrumptious wine and many inspiring fireside chats. Something to write home about. My visit also took me to Kinsale, which is the gourmet capital of…

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Musings 2: Another Robust Year of Forgiveness and Peace

By Azim Khamisa / December 1, 2017 /

Another Robust Year of Forgiveness and Peace     This month I celebrate another robust year of public presentations in the USA and abroad, where I was able to share the message of manifesting peace through the practice of forgiveness. Audiences included youth, university students and adults. Many milestones were reached. And with the grace…

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Musings: A Visit To The Beautiful Island of Cuba

By Azim Khamisa / December 1, 2017 /

I was blessed to check yet another item off my bucket list! This past month, I was able to take a cruise around the beautiful Island of Cuba, spending some extra time in Havana. In many ways it was a deja vu trip back to the 50s and 60s, which held some powerful and peaceful…

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Musings: Gratitude Leads to Joy

By Azim Khamisa / November 1, 2017 /

The holidays are upon us, and as we enter the eve of Thanksgiving it is important to cultivate a strong mindset of gratitude irrespective of the many challenges we all may be facing. This is a time when there is celebration in the air and good cheer all over the world. Many are in a…

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Musings: The Dance Between Desire and Detachment

By Azim Khamisa / October 1, 2017 /

“If you care enough for a result, you will most certainly attain it.”  ~ William James “How helpless we are, like netted birds, when we are caught by desire.”  ~ Belva Plain Those of us on a spiritual journey are often presented a paradox. There is plenty of literature and advice from sages, authors and…

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Musings: Finding Peace Of Mind In An Unsettled World

By Azim Khamisa / September 1, 2017 /

There are two journeys we humans must all embark on in our lives. One journey is external and the other is internal.       In other words, as humans we have external responsibilities for the material needs of our own bodies: food, health and shelter and similar needs for our children and families. We…

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Musings: What Has Happened To The Truth?

By Azim Khamisa / August 1, 2017 /

In the world in which we live today – full of spins, fake news and lies – do you wonder what happened to truth? There is power in truth! When I am lied to, I know intuitively that I am being lied to and shut off my listening. At the same time when I hear…

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Musings: On Purpose: Finding Your Unique Path to Peace and Fulfillment

By Azim Khamisa / July 1, 2017 /

“Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved.” – Helen Keller All cultures, all nationalities, all people suffer losses and hard hits. Some painful experiences are totally devastating such as losing a child or a loved one. Many people are not able to bounce back from…

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Musings: Clarifying the Faith of Islam at Ramadan

By Azim Khamisa / June 1, 2017 /

PREAMBLE FROM AZIM: I have always had an ecumenical worldview of religions, cultures, nationalities and races. I believe as did the mythologist Joseph Campbell who explored the world’s many cultures and rituals and eloquently found parallels in very diverse cultures, as in the example of marriage rites of Hindus and Congo pygmies. A another brilliant…

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Musings: A Tribute to My Mama Remy

By Azim Khamisa / May 1, 2017 /

Mothers are the most important aspect of the human species as they bring forth life and provide nurturing care for their offspring. Without mothers there would be no life. So, on this auspicious celebration of Mother’s Day, I offer this:   To all mothers who are part of my community, to the mothers of those…

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