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Beyond writing books and giving presentations, Azim loves to stay committed to his work as a writer. Every month he publishes a newsletter in which he follows his “Musings” and answers a Question of the Month.  The topics range from his expertise in peacebuilding and forgiveness to seasonal topics such as New Year’s mission statements to the rebirth of spring, leadership near elections, gratitude in the fall and more. Here you can find the archive of his newsletters for your reading enjoyment.

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If you have a topic that you like to read Azim’s “Musings” about or a suggestion for our Question of the Month, please contact the newsletter  admin using the form below with your ideas and requests.

Question of the Month: What Can One Do in the “In-Between Time?”

By Azim Khamisa / April 1, 2017 /

  QUESTION:   What do you do in that “in-between time” when your life is transitioning from one path to another and you have yet to discover your new purposeful path? ANSWER:  The Tibetan Buddhist call this in-between time a “bardo,” which is defined as a transition or gap between the completion of one situation…

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Question of the Month: The Last Time You Were Angry – What To Do?

By Azim Khamisa / March 1, 2017 /

QUESTION: When was the last time you were angry? And what did you precisely do with the anger? ANSWER: A great question as we all deal with anger, yours truly included. I don’t get angry often and doing the work of forgiveness for the last 22 year has made me calmer and more peaceful. But…

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Question of the Month: How To Respond When Faced With Verbal Attack

By Azim Khamisa / February 1, 2017 /

  QUESTION: With so much attack taking place online and in person within political and personal arenas, what is the best way a person can respond to these attacks? ANSWER: My sense is to not give energy to these attacks. It will only create more stress and thus perpetuate and amplify negative feelings and energy.…

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Question of the Month: Thoughts About Peace and Donald Trump

By Azim Khamisa / January 1, 2017 /

QUESTION: What Advice would you give Donald Trump to Foster Peace? ANSWER: I asked my good and wise friend Stan Siegel – whom you have met before in my newsletter – about the advice he would give to President-elect Donald Trump and Congress to foster peace in the world. Here is his answer: The U.S.…

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Question of the Month: Thoughts About the Holidays In These Times

By Azim Khamisa / December 1, 2016 /

QUESTION: What Are Your Thoughts about the Holidays During This Challenging Time? ANSWER: The holidays are a time for celebration, reflection, family, friends and setting goals for 2017. For some, the holidays can be stressful especially in families that are divided with the recent Presidential election. As I had written before, looking through the spiritual…

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Question of the Month: What Are Our Children Learning From Candidates?

By Azim Khamisa / October 1, 2016 /

QUESTION What can parents do to ensure their children are not learning things such as judgment, hate, and name-calling from our presidential candidates? ANSWER  This is a major concern and one that I have been addressing in my presentations to the youth I often speak to here in the US and internationally. The first and…

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Question of the Month: Trump, Clinton and All The Noise of the Campaign

By Azim Khamisa / August 1, 2016 /

QUESTION: What do people really need during this crazy campaign time? What can they focus on to stay sane? ANSWER: I, too, am frustrated and sometimes shocked at the lies and spins being uttered in our current elections. This is a very different and accusatory campaign, which seriously undermines our sense of basic American values…

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Question of the Month: What if Your Child Wanted to Go Into the Military?

By Azim Khamisa / July 1, 2016 /

  QUESTION: What would you say if your child or grandchild wanted to go into the military? ANSWER: It would be their choice, as they have their own journey. As poet Khalil Gibran notes, I cannot visit that journey in my wildest dreams. Even so I would recommend that they become peacemakers and not warriors!…

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By Azim Khamisa / June 1, 2016 /

QUESTION:    What Are Your Thoughts About the Orlando Tragedy? ANSWER: In light of the recent tragedy in Orlando, my heart has been and continues to remain heavy as I am sure many feel the same sensation. This is further confirmation of the spiraling costs of violence and the untold unbearable grief of family members…

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By Azim Khamisa / May 1, 2016 /

QUESTION:    When someone hurts one of your loved ones, how do you know when to get involved and when to stay out of it? ANSWER: The critical piece here is not so much “when” to stay out of something but “what” to stay out of. When a loved one gets hurt, it is important…

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