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Beyond writing books and giving presentations, Azim loves to stay committed to his work as a writer. Every month he publishes a newsletter in which he follows his “Musings” and answers a Question of the Month.  The topics range from his expertise in peacebuilding and forgiveness to seasonal topics such as New Year’s mission statements to the rebirth of spring, leadership near elections, gratitude in the fall and more. Here you can find the archive of his newsletters for your reading enjoyment.

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If you have a topic that you like to read Azim’s “Musings” about or a suggestion for our Question of the Month, please contact the newsletter  admin using the form below with your ideas and requests.

Question of Month: Thoughts about “Fiscal Cliff?”

By Azim Khamisa / January 1, 2013 / Comments Off on Question of Month: Thoughts about “Fiscal Cliff?”

QUESTION “What is your thought about all this talk of the “fiscal cliff?” ANSWER The “fiscal cliff” is a result of persistent deficits and the consequential rise in the National Debt which is now over 100% of Gross Domestic Product. This is high and needs to be addressed. The current thinking of Congress is to…

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Musings: Too Much!

By Azim Khamisa / December 1, 2012 /

Too Much of a Good Thing – Not so Good Can there be too much of a good thing? The good news for 2012 was there was an increasing amount of demand for keynote speaking, forgiveness workshops and corporate workshops. The bad news was I came to realize I don’t know how much more I…

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Musings: Balance is Elusive

By Azim Khamisa / November 1, 2012 /

Balance is Elusive Yet Vital for our Well-being Much has been written about finding the perfect balance in life. Is this even possible? How many of us can claim to have achieved this? In the world we live and work in, there is much out there that is out of our control. This last month…

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Musings: Economics of Forgiveness

By Azim Khamisa / October 1, 2012 /

Economics of Forgiveness Saves Us All  It may seem an oxymoron to combine economics and forgiveness. But it is not. And I’d like to share with you why. Coming from an investment banking background (where my major studies were in economics and finance) I entered the humanistic field 17 years ago – in the aftermath…

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Musings: Australian Trip

By Azim Khamisa / September 1, 2012 /

Annual Australian Trip – 2500 Students / 8 Days  Having just returned from a full two-week trip to Australia I can safely say that I am officially on cloud nine. This was my fifth annual trip to Australia, and the fourth with my brother and partner in TKF, Ples Felix. We started in Brisbane where…

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Musings: Shift in the Universe

By Azim Khamisa / August 1, 2012 /

A Shift in the Universe … Now  There is a shift that is taking place in our Universe as we approach our next phase as a human race. Whether you accept the view that the end of the Mayan Calendar on December 21, 2012 signifies anything or not, the shift of consciousness is definitely at…

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Musings: Court Ruling

By Azim Khamisa / July 1, 2012 /

A Court Ruling In Everyone’s Favor …  The groundbreaking ruling came forth last month.The U.S. Supreme Court issued a landmark decision for our movement June 25, 2012, ruling in the companion cases of Jackson v. Hobbs and Miller v. Alabama that mandatory life-without-parole sentences imposed on children violate the Eighth Amendment’s prohibition on cruel and…

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Musings: Father Speaks

By Azim Khamisa / June 1, 2012 /

A Father Speaks of a Legacy Left Behind  On the month where we honor our fathers, it comes to mind that I will not leave a legacy behind in the life of a son, nor will any of my relatives be able to carry on the name of Khamisa. While I have come to terms…

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Musings: Tribute to Mothers

By Azim Khamisa / May 1, 2012 /

A Tribute to All Mothers and Motherhood  May is the time to celebrate mothers. As I look back at my life, I see how important mothers are. I see how important mine is. I grew up in Kenya in a loving family. My father was a busy person, and although he and I did have…

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Musings: TKF Tribute

By Azim Khamisa / April 1, 2012 /

A Tribute to the Tariq Khamisa Foundation  The following is a special story. In the holiday spirit of Easter, as the story of the resurrection is retold, we look upon that which has overcome adversity to rise above to greater heights. From conflict, there can be unity and love. From death, there can be rebirth.…

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