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  • BOOK – Leadership for the Greater Good – A Guide for Truth to Power Champions


    Azim Khamisa’s twenty-five years of extensive global speaking, books, and media coverage spawned a forgiveness movement that has reached millions. Now Khamisa calls for a new kind of leader—a satyagrahi leader—to follow in the footsteps of some of the world’s most inspiring role models. Building on Mahatma Gandhi’s practice of satyagraha, a method of using passive resistance to spark political and social change, satyagrahi leaders balance their ambition with their spirit and use their skills to benefit the larger community. As you ponder these attributes, how many leaders come to your mind?

  • BOOK – The Secrets of The Bulletproof Spirit


    How to Bounce Back from Life’s Hardest Hits

    In The Secrets of the Bulletproof Spirit, internationally honored author, speaker and peace-activist Azim Khamisa and author, inspirational speaker and interfaith minister Jillian Quinn reveal the thirty keys to emotional resiliency and the corresponding strategies that they themselves have used to transcend their own heart-wrenching losses. Nutritious food-for-thought, these techniques teach us to reframe loss as a bridge rather than an abyss; to appreciate that forgiveness is a practice, not an event; to question the value of consistency and find opportunities in instability.



  • BOOK – Azim’s Bardo: From Murder to Forgiveness


    A compelling true story of a father’s journey from the initial shock of the loss of his son to forgiving the murderer who took his son’s life, the award-winning From Murder to Forgiveness is a journey that will take you from anger to forgiveness, peace and wisdom.  A must read for all.

    Azim Khamisa’s book A Father’s Journey: From Murder to Forgiveness was a very profound read…. I found it to be very inspirational, very impactful, very challenging, very moving, all rolled into one.

    ~Anita Narayan, Founder Breaking Free Unlimited



  • BOOK – From Forgiveness to Fulfillment


    From Forgiveness to Fulfillment – a sequel to Azim’s first book, From Murder to Forgiveness – beautifully illustrates how Azim has found fulfillment through forgiveness.

  • BOOK – From Fulfillment to Peace


    From Fulfillment to Peace, a third book in a trilogy, is the culmination of a powerfully transforming journey that began on the morning of January 22, 1995. That was when Azim Khamisa received a devastating call informing him that his only son Tariq had been shot and killed. Along the path of healing, forgiveness and also redemption, Azim created a peace formula that would guide his life and be a backbone for this book, which weaves nuggets of spiritual wisdom to create a road-map with detailed directions. Join Azim on this road-map that guides you to continually return to the high vibratory emotions that are essential to maintaining peace – no matter what happens in your life.