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The Secrets of the Bulletproof Spirit E-Book


The Secrets of the Bulletproof: How to Bounce Back from Life’s Hardest Hits

When life deals you a particularly difficult blow or a staggering loss, how do you handle it? If you’re like most, you might think Why me? struggle to find your way, or lash out at those around you. But there are a select few who seem emotionally hardier, who are able to face life’s physical, emotional, and financial hits undeterred and perhaps even forge ahead, empowered in the face of adversity. These people aren’t more deserving or luckier than the rest of us; they simply think differently–they are connected with their steady inner self and find strength where others might see meaninglessness; they make life-affirming choices instead of defeatist ones. In short, they are spiritually bulletproof. They face as many of life’s slings and arrows as the rest of us, but they don’t succumb to hardship or misfortune. And you can be one of them.

In The Secrets of the Bulletproof Spirit, renowned peace activist Azim Khamisa and inspirational speaker Jillian Quinn reveal the thirty essential keys to emotional and spiritual resiliency. Based on their own experiences with heart-wrenching loss, the strategies they present may seem simple, but their advice can open up a whole new way of thinking. Khamisa and Quinn will help you discover• that your thoughts help to create your reality and that you can use them to take control of your life• the potentially damaging mental routines you’re running on autopilot• the vital connections between your upbringing and your “resiliency quotient”• spiritually affirming thoughts that may help you make more spiritually empowering choices“What lies within you really is more powerful than any hit you may take physically, emotionally, or materially,” the authors write. With their help, readers will find themselves more confident and secure in a volatile and uncertain world. When you learn to identify most strongly with that invincible core–your bulletproof spirit–you tap into the truest source of security available to you. And while there’s no foolproof way to stay out of the proverbial line of fire, the information, inspiration, and tools in this book will provide you with an emotional bulletproof vest, a way to take hits and come out on top.

In The Secrets of the Bulletproof Spirit, internationally honored author, speaker, and peace-activist Azim Khamisa and author, inspirational speaker, and interfaith minister Jillian Quinn reveal the thirty keys to emotional resiliency and the corresponding strategies that they themselves have used to transcend their own heart-wrenching losses. Nutritious food for thought, these techniques teach us to reframe loss as a bridge rather than an abyss; to appreciate that forgiveness is a practice, not an event; to question the value of consistency, and find opportunities in instability.