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Bill Clinton

42nd President of the United States

Consulting, Speaking

Dear Azim, You were kind to share your personal and touching story with Hillary and me. Your ability to turn a tragedy into a productive movement is inspiring. We were glad you were able to participate in the panel on youth violence.

Valerie Levin

Senior Vice President, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Georgia

Training and Workshops

As a Managing Broker of one of the largest real estate companies in the country, in Midtown Atlanta, I manage 80 real estate sales people.  It is my privilege and daily challenge to keep them focused and performing at their best.  When the pandemic struck and shelter-in-place quickly became a norm, I knew just the person to motivate and inspire my team, Azim Khamisa!  You see, we expect our sales people to deliver outstanding results, therefore attention is always on high gain activities.  However, what I know for sure is that if we have not healed our broken places, carry anger or resentment, the achievement will be shallow and/or short-lived.  My audience was immediately engaged by Azim’s story and the safe environment he creates to be human.  My agents are still telling me how much this event meant to them and how they were finally able to forgive a wrong.  We must have Azim back for a workshop!

Hillary Rodham Clinton

US Senator

Consulting, Speaking

The Tariq Khamisa Foundation, which was forwarded to me by Jean Nelson. I would like to offer my condolences to you and to your family in the wake of the tragic death of your son, Tariq, in 1995. Please accept my apology for the delay in writing to you. The unprecedented amount of mail I have received has meant that I have been unable to respond as promptly or as personally as I would prefer. Each of us can make a difference in the life of some young person every day if we are willing to take the time to reach out to him or her with caring and compassion. We must all work together to make sure every child has a chance. Thank you for taking the time to make your voice heard for children. You have my best wishes for your continued success.

Janet Reno

United States Attorney General


I want to commend you for the important work you are doing. Your thoughtful, collaborative approach to the problem of youth violence is just the kind of effort that our country needs. Now, as we begin a new millennium, we have seen a turn-around in juvenile violent crime. We must make sure that we put our children first again in America, to reclaim lost lives and to prevent others from falling through the cracks in the first place. And we must do it as partners. Thank you all for your work on this critical issue. If we continue to work together, there is no limit to what we can accomplish.

Marianne Williamson

Best-selling Author, Founder, Peace Alliance


Who could be a more important person for us to listen to than Azim? He is a national treasure.Nothing matters more than forgiveness, and no one understands forgiveness better than my friend and hero Azim Khamisa. What he has learned, he now teaches. And what he teaches, may all of us learn.

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Vanessa Brunetta



My name is Vanessa Brunetta and I am a senior at The Bishop’s School. Following your presentation on campus November 8th, last Friday, I had a very heartfelt encounter with you and I really appreciate the time you took out of your day to listen to my story for a few minutes. I previously attended a middle school where you presented about 7 years ago and changed the outlook I had on life at the time. I have been in the foster care system since age 8, and your story and ability to spread the idea of peace inspired me to take the appropriate steps towards success as a 13 year old. Following your presentation 7 years ago, my attitude towards the world no longer represented hatred but took me down a path of forgiveness. Forgiveness of my biological mother, whom I deemed responsible for my being in the foster care system, and forgiveness of the world whom I held accountable for all of my young confusion and pain. Today as a senior, I am extremely appreciative of the message you have and continue to spread as it has not only changed my life 7 years ago, but still influences my daily journey. It was a pleasure meeting you 7 years ago, and again for a second time last week. Thank you again, Mr.Khamisa.

Ken Blanchard,

coauthor of The New One Minute Manager® and Servant Leadership in Action

Books, Bulletproof Spirit

After forgiving his son’s killer, Azim Khamisa found purpose in promoting nonviolence and the importance of truth, empathy, compassion, forgiveness, love, service, and community. Certainly a role model himself, here Azim profiles his own leadership role models—peacemakers all—whose diverse lives have exemplified these values. An inspiring read.

Jim Hart

President/CEO Senn-Delaney


I wanted to personally extend my heartfelt thank you for all that you have done for me and the Senn-Delaney Team. You are truly an inspirational leader, and our people now understand the level of understanding and leadership that we all need to attain and help our clients attain.

Tracy Yoffe

Spanish Teacher, Spring Valley Middle School


Mr. Khamisa, This letter is coming to you from a teacher who has been greatly affected by the powerful assembly performed by the Tariq Khamisa Foundation at Spring Valley Middle School on Thursday, June 13. We had an opportunity to learn of the great tragedy you and your family endured and the shocking resolution of this horrific act. Our students were amazed that you, Mr. Khamisa, were able to forgive the man responsible for this tragedy. It was after the assembly that I had an opportunity to speak with you. I found that I was emotionally affected by the story presented to me and I needed to speak with you and find answers to the many questions that arose during the presentation. I learned much about human strengths through you and your story. We truly are capable of far more than that we give ourselves credit for. When my 7th grade class entered my classroom after having seen the assembly themselves, I realized that they, too, may have had some unresolved issues. Therefore, we had a lengthy discussion about your story, along with that of Juan. Many questions were proposed, and many stories were told about my student’s own tragedies. At the end of our discussion, I asked the students to write to you how they felt about the assembly, what they liked and what they would alter. Therefore, you will find enclosed the written comments from my students. I hope they will be helpful to you as your foundation plans future assemblies. Mr. Khamisa, thank you for having the courage to tell: your story to so many audiences. Thank you for opening our eyes to the ever-increasing violence that we typically choose to ignore. And, most importantly, thank you far telling those students who really needed to hear from you that it is okay to mourn and therapeutic to forgive.

Workshop Participants

Training and Workshops

Tangible tools to use and apply in my own work; the facilitator's vulnerability increased the vulnerability of participants; the content was powerful and unique.

Dr. Michael Beckwith

Founder and Spiritual Director, Agape International Spiritual Center


Azim shines a bright light of hope for all of us at the point where all change begins: within our own individual hearts. Azim’s life and his life’s work are one and the same: examples of the courage of a mind and heart ablaze with the utmost faith in the inherent capacity of human beings to forgive one another, which results in a world infused with love, peace, and a level of respect that honors the dignity of all beings.

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Workshop Participants

Training and Workshops

Group participation in training the trainer; assuring all group participants had their thoughts/questions answered; teaching real transferable skills.

Les Brown

Motivational Speaker

Consulting, Speaking

The impact of Azim’s message on your company or organization will shift paradigms and create lasting unity in your management teams, Azim’s integrity inspires everyone to become a better person that contributes at a higher level by encouraging self-awareness in order to attain self fulfillment.

Workshop Participants

Training and Workshops

Strength in forgiving for self, the transformation of forgiving, traveling in yourself to find the strength instead of reaching for something temporary from the outside.

Marlys Schutjer

Director, Program Development & Operation Division, Bureau of Juvenile Justice


Dear Azim: This is just a note to tell you how very much we appreciated your willingness to present your story to our recent conference on balanced and restorative justice. You clearly touched the audience in a way that nothing else could have. The participant evaluations were overwhelming in their positive comments about your presentation. A sample quote: “No words can explain the impact this session had on me. I was in tears many times during, Azim’s presentation. His gracefulness and kindness touched me very deeply.” Cordially,

Workshop Participants

Training and Workshops

Azim was a powerful speaker as he talks from the heart. The workshop provided space to allow for self-reflection

Clara Harris

President, La Mesa Rotary Club


Dear Mr. Khamisa: Words are inadequate to express my appreciation to you for the inspiring message you delivered at La Mesa Community Prayer Breakfast last week. You are such a powerful role model for people of all ages. I am so thankful that you are working with young people and giving them the benefit of your understanding love and forgiveness. Your heartfelt words concerning your faith were so meaningful to us. Although most faith groups teach love and forgiveness it is not always practiced and expressed by all followers. It is difficult to love and forgive those who do us harm. You are an amazing man and I am honored to have heard your message. The comments from those in attendance at the breakfast echo my sentiments. People went away with a full heart and an uplifted spirit. I am going to work with Diane Craig to see how I may help further your important work. Thanks again for all you do to create a better world. Sincerely,  


Wilson Academy Grade 7


Dear Mr Khamisa, I am a seventh grade student. My name is Edrei Santana. I was present at the school assembly when you and Mr. Felix showed us many things. I am sorry for what happened to your son, Tariq. I’m glad that you had chosen to forgive because now, you have taught me that we can forgive others who have mistreated us. I really think that you are extremely brave making a foundation with Mr. Felix. I know that you haven’t just changed my way of looking at things like this, but many other’s minds. I think that you are very strong from your inside, by being able to meet Tony’s grandfather. Not many people are able to have enough courage to face the teen’s grandfather that hurt you so bad. I’m sure that you are an example of what a great person with knowledge would do in a situation like this one. You’re someone that all of us can look up to. I sincerely thank you so much for making a foundation this important. Also, thanks for sharing your personal life with so many of us. I know that you wouldn’t have to be doing this, but you are because you care for us and the way we’ll live in the future. I hope the best for everyone including Tony.

Workshop Participants

Training and Workshops

Azim’s personal story, participant's ability to apply the material to their own story, the workshop allowed me to process childhood trauma.

Jon Cooper

FCI Milan, Federal Bureau of Prisons


Azim Thank you again for taking the time to come speak to the men at FCI Milan LCP Unit. You truly made a tremendous impact on us all.  I have been receiving many affirmations from the inmates.  One inmate has been inspired to start a meditation group.  He already has a number of men who are ready to try it with him.  The seeds of your message of peace and forgiveness are already taking root….what a blessing!

Susan Golding

Mayor, City of San Diego

Dear Azim, I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to you and The Tariq Khamisa Foundation for your extraordinary efforts to find solutions to youth violence in our community. The success of the Foundation serves as testimony that positive results can come from negative circumstances. The Tariq Khamisa Foundation has been in existence for a very short time, but already has increased awareness and activism in the community. Most importantly, there is a renewed focus on teaching young people to make positive choices with their lives. By initiating the Violent Impact Forum, you have engaged San Diego school children in an open dialogue about peer pressure, gangs, drugs, and violence. I was touched by the response of one student who wrote: “Some of the positive choices I will make are to stay in school, stay away from drugs, violence and crime, make my own decisions, and lastly, never give up.” I wish you and the Foundation continued success so that all our children will steer clear of violence and make these positive choices. Their future and the future of San Diego depends on it.

Anita Narayan

Breaking Free Unlimited


Click below to watch video review of "A Father's Journey: From Murder to Forgiveness"

Walter Anderson

PARADE Magazine


Dear Azim: Thank you for your thoughtful letter. Helping you is the most selfish thing that I could do– because it makes me feel so good. You are one of the most noble and generous human beings it has been my honor to know. I have known many heroes in my life, men and women who have been acknowledged with the greatest of honors, from the Medal of Honor to the Nobel Prize. None stand taller than you; none have greater courage. You, my friend, are my hero. So there.

Elizabeth Mead


Azim has taken one of life's hardest moments and turned it into a legacy of love and hope. I believe that his work touches lives so powerfully that it is helping shift the narrative from hatred and love, acceptance and peace.

JoAnne Rando-Moon


I have heard Azim speak several times and he is so inspirational. His story is a heartbreaking one and he is the best example of leading a life of pure forgiveness. He shows it can be done. He is helping a generation of kids live better lives through his example. It was a real honor to meet him.

Joshua Carpenter

Training and Workshops

Azim has the best story of forgiveness and grace. He is a model for my belief that peace across all peoples is possible. He has proven that love triumphs over hate. I would highly recommend him and his message. The world needs more like him.

Marian Wright Edelman

Children’s Defense Fund


Dear Azim: Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your superbly thoughtful words on the violence panel at CDF’s national conference. It stimulated our thinking and moved us to grapple in deeper ways with the need to confront the culture and consequences of violence in our society. I took forward to working with you to give every child a safe start and passage to adulthood. Your work will do so much to help ensure this. Enclosed is our annual State of America’s Children report and Children’s Sabbath kit. The introduction lays out CDF’s 2000-2001 agenda. I look forward to working with you to build the movement to achieve it.

Workshop Participants

School Counselor

Training and Workshops

I experienced deep healing during the intensive. I enjoyed connecting with others who are committed to healing themselves and the planet.

Dawn and Ed


  • “It was and remains my greatest desire in life to spend the rest of my life married to my best friend, partner and love of my life: Ed. I have absolute clarity on this. When I love from love and not from the attachment to the outcome of my love, the richness of everything good or bad … simply appears.”  – Dawn
  • “Dawn and I are moving forward in a very favorable way. Thank you for your love.” – Ed

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